BOPP Laminated PP Woven Bags


We, at Knack Packaging, strongly believe in providing advanced and versatile packaging solutions to our esteemed clientele. We use the BOPP (Biaxially oriented polypropylene) film in our packaging products. As the word ‘Biaxially-Oriented’ suggests, BOPP is a material that is stretched in two different directions producing a specific molecular chain, which also makes it unique. The world’s second most-produced synthetic plastic PP is its parent material, BOPP woven bags are your answer if you are looking for an economical yet stupendously useful packaging solution. Today, BOPP woven bags are widely used in the packaging industry across the globe.


    BOPP Woven bags share the properties of its parent material Polypropylene. In addition to its usual qualities, BOPP’s Biaxial Orientation process results in increased toughness of the material, enhanced clarity, quite improved stiffness, more resistance to substances like oil and grease. Impact resistance, flex crack resistance, and low-temperature resistance are some of the other qualities. In addition to this, it can be modified significantly along with the controllable transparency and increased barrier properties to water vapour and oxygen. All these unique qualities are essential for the long-lasting use of your products.


Excellent Printability, multiple finishes and supreme feel give the bags an enviable look, resulting in your product appearance on the shelf much more desirable and attractive for the consumer to choose. This packaging material can multiply your sales manifold.

Manufacturing Process

Being widely used in the packaging sector, BOPP Woven bags inherit the qualities from its manufacturing process. It all starts with PP granules in the tapeline. Appropriate tapes made from the HDPE/PP granules move forward towards the looms where it takes the shape of fabric after weaving. Simultaneously the new BOPP film gets printed on the reverse rotogravure printing machine with the help of engraved cylinders as per the design, and is turned into a printed BOPP film. The fabric obtained from looms is then laminated with the printed BOPP film with the help of extrusion lamination process. After this the printed & laminated fabric roll moves towards the final stage of its manufacturing process, which is the finishing stage. In the finishing stage, the laminated roll goes through various processes such as cutting, bottom stitching, gusseting, top hemming, and EZ open, etc depending on the requirement. And above all this, we also offer various add-on features like the handle, perforation and your much-awaited BOPP bag gets ready. Then, the finished bags are packed in bales or pallets as per the requirement.

Material Combination

BOPP Woven bags are made using different materials such as PP Woven fabric, BOPP films, extrusion lamination, and so on. A variety of materials and finishes are available to preserve the products in diverse weather conditions optimally. Our BOPP Woven bags are produced with various finish options like gloss finish, matte finish, gloss/matte metalized, matte gloss combination, etc. All these combinations can also be offered with a window.


  • Front width215 mm – 620 mm
  • Gusset width60 mm – 250 mm
  • Bag length420 mm – 1150 mm
  • Fabric colourAs per customer requirement
  • Fabric denier550 – 1500
  • Fabric materialPP/HDPE
  • Fabric typeCircular, Flat
  • BOPP MaterialGloss Finish, Matt Finish
  • BOPP Thickness10 µ – 18 µ
  • Extrusion CoatingGloss coating, Matt coating
  • Extrusion Coating Thickness16 µ – 35 µ
  • No of ply ( Beneath Layers )3, 4, 5

Types of Finish

  • Bopp Laminated (Gloss Finish) Pp Woven Bags
  • Bopp Laminated (Gloss Metalized) Pp Woven Bags
  • Bopp Laminated (Gloss Holographic) Pp Woven Bags
  • Bopp Laminated (Matt Finish) Pp Woven Bags
  • Bopp Laminated (Matt Metalized Finish) Pp Woven Bags
  • Bopp Laminated (Matt Gloss Combo) Pp Woven Bags

Our Special Finish

    There are different kinds of finishing available in the industry ranging from matt, glossy, metalized, matt metalized, and others. All these finishes do contain their attributes and specifications. They contribute to the final impression of your product in a massive way because, ultimately, the perfect packaging acts as a ‘salesperson’ of your product. So, this is the vital aspect that one should keep in mind while choosing a specific type of finish.

    Coming to our stylish and trendy BOPP bags, we offer various types of finishes. These include Gloss, Matt, Gloss & Matt Gloss Metalized, Matte Metalize, Holographic, and Side/Register Window Finish. All of which are well-designed finishes that can be used for the different types of BOPP bags. These finishes contribute mainly to the product’s safety, durability, strength, and look. In addition to this, you always get complete solutions for varied needs depending on the products. Our experts are always ready to help you in choosing the perfect finish, that can be applied to the bags depending on the product. Not to forget, Knack’s promise of serving excellence is always there.

Knack's Speciality

Knack is known for its uniqueness when it comes to providing packaging solutions. Every bag possesses various distinct qualities. Our production is so exceptional that for each product, we have specific code, and the specifications are automatically fetched from the system, which helps us deliver consistent and unique quality products. Moreover, we have an ink kitchen to match specific Pantone shades that ensures top-notch printing quality along with making it consistent. So, if you are looking for something specific and extraordinary in terms of packaging, then look nowhere other than Knack Packaging because we deliver the extraordinary.

Production Capacity

BOPP bags are the crown jewel of Knack Packaging, and we leave no stone unturned while perfecting them. With the help of our various ultra-modern machines, we can produce significantly 1 Million of BOPP bags every day.

Choose Us

To conclude, BOPP woven bags are very compatible. These bags enhance your product packaging. Such characteristics result in an exceptional final product having vibrant colours and clear printing. Now that you are aware of these unique qualities of BOPP Woven bags, it will be easy to sense its importance.

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