Powder & Granules


Powder & Granules

Powder and Granules is one such industry that needs a specific type of packaging solutions for the products. Be it Granules or Powder; it requires packaging bags with certain qualities to efficiently preserve the product. We offer various kinds of bags for the industry. These bags of ours are specially designed for powder-like material that maintains its aroma and distinct quality. Let us have a look at the industry scenario as well as our offerings.

Masterbatch is a combination of pigments and/or additives encapsulated to a carrier resin which is then cooled and cut into a form that is granular. Masterbatch allows the processor to colour the polymer, economically during the energy manufacturing procedure. The use of masterbatches allows the factory to buy decking that is more economical in bulk, and also to maintain stock of markers of their polymer. Masterbatches can be used in most processes, except rotational molding and Plastisol and other liquid resin systems.

Mehndi (also called Mehandi) is the traditional art of painting the hands, body or feet using a glue made from the roasted, dried leaves of the henna plant (Botanical name: Lawsonia Inermis). The colour may vary with time and a variety of different aspects but usually it’s cherry-red to brown colour. Lemon, coffee, tea, and essential oils are added for feel, to assist the blot or smell. Mehndi started from the Middle East and Northern Africa more than 5,000 Years Back. It’s been used for ceremonial, ritual and artistic use. Archaeologists have found mummies with hennaed hands. It is becoming popular for a pain-free, temporary body art here.

History of Mehndi

Since it was one of the artforms in Egypt, the origin can be from Egypt. Henna got the power of medicine and was additionally employed as a cosmetic and for the curative power for ages. The beautiful patterning prevalent in India today had surfaced only in the 20th century. The majority of the ladies at that amount of point in India, India is depicted with reddish designs by using their hands and feet. The art of Mehndi has been around for centuries. No more specific place of its

Uses of Mehndi

Henna was first applied to be a way to cool down the body. A jolt was applied to the palm of their hands and helped to cool the entire body. Right after becoming tired of the expression of the only dot on the hands, the early users of henna started to incorporate other contours and lines. Eventually, this elaboration grew to become the most attractive layouts we see today. Weddings are incomplete without this ceremony, where the bride is embellished with the reddish colour of the mehndi. This ceremony’s ritual is followed in every component of the region. On all wedding or festive instances, conventional Indian designs are created to enhance the appearance.

Road Marking Paint is a solvent-based primer designed to apply thermoplastic road marking paints and other coating materials for priming. It eases bonding on surfaces that are concrete and is simple to employ. They act as bond breakers which cleans the surface, by eliminating voids, flaws, and buildup of mortar & concrete and provide rationally finished tangible that is exposed. It’s a kind of powder paint. When applied as road surface markings, a hot melt kettle is used to heat it at 200 °C (392 °F) to melt off the powder, after that it is sprayed on the road surface.

Proposed Packaging From Knack

Knack Packaging provides the best-suited options to the clients when it comes to superior packaging. That’s the reason why most of the leading brands around the Globe are associated with us for their Packaging needs. The style of the packaging is modified based on your packaging requirement. We produce a wide range of bags for the Powder and Granules Industry. It includes the BOPP laminated PP woven bags in the 5kg to 30kg categories & two variants of handle bags; Top opened bottom stitched and the Top open bottom gusseted bag in the 2kg to 10kg pack sizes. We can offer standard Circular Woven construction, Back seam construction and the trending Pinch bottom bag. We have developed various customised bag types even for this industry as we are specialised in the same.

Our packaging materials keep the product attributes safe for a longer time and protect the products from dust and moisture. We make bags that are leak-proof, making sure that the aroma remains intact until it reaches on to its user.

Our packaging provides precise branding to your product. Branding needs beautiful print and eye-catching information – on the packaging material itself, which are sales appealing – and we make sure you get it.

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