Liners are a vital part of the packaging. It is a large bag made up of polymer equipped inside a packaging bag. Liners provide extra protection against humidity and air along with the adverse effect of light. It is one of the best options for customers who seek safer packaging. Liners are used in various industries. At Knack Packaging, we have advanced machinery and assembly lines to provide our customers with the best customised liner bags.


Liners have many advantages as they are the real shield that safeguards products in different conditions.

  • Liner bags are beneficial for perishable items
  • It helps in keeping the product freshness intact
  • It helps in preventing leakages
  • The liner makes the packaging more robust

Manufacturing Process

First of all, we need raw materials which are placed on top of the barrel. Then the raw materials are heated in the process, which in turn forms liquid out of the materials. The liquid is then passed to screen changer, and bubbles are created moving the air. These bubbles are made keeping in mind the size of the liner. After the process of making bubbles, a winder is used to create rolls. Once the roll gets completed, liner cutters cut them into the desired sizes.

Material Combination

Liners are made using various materials such as LLDP, LLDPE, Filler, and Masterbatch. All these materials combine in appropriate proportions to create the perfect liner.


  • MaterialLDPE, LLDPE, Filler, Masterbatch
  • ColorNatural, Milky White, Black
  • Gauge75 – 400
  • Micron18 – 100
  • Width300 – 750 mm
  • Length500 – 1300 mm
  • Seal-Size25 – 50 mm

Types of Liners

Here at Knack, We offer various types of Liners according to your requirements.

  • Liner Bottom Stitch & Extra loose at mouth
  • Liner Top Hemmed
  • Liner Without Stitch at bottom & Extra loose at mouth
  • Liner Bottom Stitch & Top Hemmed

Knack's Speciality

Being one of the leaders in the industry, Knack Packaging has a track record of sheer brilliance. We never compromise with our product quality, and that also implies to our liners. We have an in-house liner plant, which is rarely seen in the industry. Our liner equipped bags have become the top choice of our customers due to its excellent quality and customization. One can say that we are the customization experts when it comes to the manufacturing of liners.

Production Capacity

Liner is an integral part of various packaging materials. With 2 liner plants, we can produce up to 50 tons of liner every Month.

Choose Us

Some people see liner as a mere material, but at Knack, we see it as a savior. Since we know the true potential of liners, we ensure that our customers never get a chance to complain about the product. This is why we go through various quality checks to come up with the best liner equipped bags.

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