Multi-Filament Yarn


Multifilament yarn is one of the most indispensable parts of the packaging industry. It is manufactured using threads, and these threads are known as filaments. The yarns are spun on machines after the filament is extruded. Since the diameter of the threads in multifilament yarn is tiny, the bending stiffness is very low, aiding the flexibility of the yarn. These filaments are measured in units like Denier.


Multifilament yarn is very useful in the packaging world. For the manufacturing of bags, multifilament yarn is just like oxygen. The threads used for the stitching of bags are made from the multifilament yarn. Also, the narrow woven fabric is made from it.

Manufacturing Process

Knack Packaging has the latest machinery that makes manufacturing much easier and effective. The same implies to our multifilament yarn manufacturing unit, which is the most helpful part of our plant. In the manufacturing process, we start with the raw materials (granules) which are placed near the barrel. These raw materials are dumped into the barrel. After that, these materials are heated at extreme temperatures, which turn the granules into liquid. Now, another part of the machine functions where the melted material is passed through the melt pump/screen changer. After that, the material is cooled off. In the process, numerous fibers converge into a multifilament yarn and further with small manual aid the rest of the process is done.

Material Combination

Polypropylene granules and Master Batch are used majorly for making Multi Filament yarn.


  • MaterialPP Masterbatch
  • Number of Filament98
  • Denier600 – 4800
  • GPD6+
  • Elongation30 – 32
  • Strength6+
  • Color22
  • ShrinkageNo

Knack's Speciality

We always search for the extra-ordinary, and somehow from our efforts, we achieve that. If we talk about the specialization in the manufacturing of multifilament yarn, we offer our customers the denier strength of 6+ (in natural yarn), which many of our competitors do not even think. Also, we manufacture threads of 22 different colors, which again is a testament to our unique approach.

Production Capacity

Used in stitching and various other processes, Multifilament Yarns are an essential part of the bags. We can produce up to 50 tons of multifilament yarn every month.

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We, at Knack, know the real importance of multifilament yarn. This is why we opted for technological advancements in the segment, and today we are catering to the industry with utmost pride.

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