Narrow Woven Fabrics


Narrow woven fabrics are highly flexible and manufactured in special looms. One can get a glimpse of narrow woven fabrics in day to day life as it has applications in many industries. The primary application of narrow woven fabric is in making handles for the bags. Numerous brands use narrow woven fabric for their product packaging. In the initial days, narrow woven fabrics were used in textile industries only, but with time it is accepted in various industries, and today for the packaging industry, it is nothing less than a boon.

Moreover, with technological advancements, its use has become unconventional, and today it has its own charm.


Narrow woven fabric is the soul of the packaging industry. It is very useful as it ensures strength & also guarantees safety from different environmental conditions. In packaging industries, it is mainly used for handling bags. Other than that they have plenty of benefits such as

  • Excellent durability
  • Versatility
  • Low stretch
  • Provides convenience to carry

Manufacturing Process

We have a huge production area for the narrow woven fabrics at our high tech needle looms. Our machines in the needle looms are highly efficient in terms of quality and capacity. The yarn that comes out of the multifilament yarn making machine is loaded on the designated part of the machine. During the process, spin nets and die play an important role. The fibers are stretched and then cooled within the machine passing the air. Then the formed web is collected on the rolls, and the final product comes out.

Material Combination

Narrow Woven Fabrics are the soul of the packaging industry, but without these high-quality raw materials, it wouldn’t be at this state. So, raw materials play a crucial role in it. Narrow woven fabrics are made using raw materials like Polypropylene, U.V granules & high-quality master-batches to come up with various attractive colours. It enhances the beauty of the entire packaging & these are essential for the manufacturing of Narrow Woven Fabrics.

Our Range

At knack, we are dedicatedly working to satisfy our customer's needs. We offer them a huge range in manufacturing of narrow woven Fabrics. Normally our customers prefer a width of 25 mm for NWF, but we can also provide them with the range of 20-30 mm NWF. Very few in the industry have the potential to deliver such a range.

Knack's Speciality

Advancement is the key to success, and Team Knack is completely aware of the fact. One can call it our specialty or our strength, but we have put ourselves at a pedestal where average quality and poor work has no place. This is the reason we are heading towards innovation day by day, which helps us to get closer to our goals. Today, we can provide the quality narrow-woven fabric to our customers in 22 different colours which usually other companies lack.

Production Capacity

Here at Knack Packaging, we always believed in utmost quality for our customers. With the help of our modern machinery range, we can produce up to 15 tons of Narrow Woven Fabric every month.

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Narrow-woven fabrics are the lifeline of the packaging world. Its applications and uses vary with different industries, but its relevance always remains the same. It is an integral part of the packaging, and no one can escape this fact. We, at Knack Packaging, are using the narrow woven fabrics maintaining the supreme quality, and this is the reason we are enjoying the true bond with our customers.

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