Various leading industries, as per their product requirements, need to have a kind of bag with perforation, so that air can pass through the bag to keep their products hydrated. For this very purpose, the method of perforation is useful. We also offer holes in some specific packaging where more ventilation is required, and we have a special machine for the same.

Types of Perforation

Here at Knack, We offer various types of perforation according to your requirements.
• Perforation
• Micro-Perforation
• Holes

Manufacturing Process

The process of perforation is quite simple but effective. At first, a printed laminated roll gets inserted into an automatic machine. While the machine moves it forward, for the process of Cutting, Tiny holes are pierced in the bags & these holes help the airflow in the bag. Finally, the bag goes into stitching. These holes mainly act as a vent, which helps in circulating air.


Perforation does offer various benefits for the products. The perforation ensures continuous airflow in the bag. It helps the material inside the bags to keep hydrated. Perforation also helps to maintain the quality of the products. With 20 machines for perforation, we can process 1 Million bags per day.

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