Pinch add on Features


Pinch Bottom Bags are one of the trendiest bags in the current era. Knack Packaging can offer these various add-ons specially designed for Pinch Bottom Bags.

Peel Off easy open

Specially designed for the Pinch Bottom Bags, peel off easy open is a unique feature. It can be used for re-closure. The Pinch Bottom Bags are mostly in the form of a brick as there is no stitching or any such thing on the bag, so you need something like a cutter to cut open the bag considering the safety of the product. Peel off easy-open features can solve this issue as you don’t need any cutter, and you can easily open the bag just with your bare hands. If you handle it carefully, you can even re-use and re-close it as well. This feature looks aesthetic on the bag.

Glue Drops

This is a unique feature in our specialized Pinch Bottom Machine. When the bag goes for filling in automated machines, sometimes the mouth of the bag opens up from the side because of the gusseting. With this particular feature, you can avoid that issue. The machine adds a drop on either side of the bag, thus making sure that the gusset part won’t open up, and the filling process continues smoothly without any errors. Which, in turn, results in a nicely packed beautiful bag.

Laser Perforation

Knack Packaging has specially designed this feature in our Pinch Bottom Machine. The laser performs the process of perforation in the bag, which in turn provides proper air ventilation inside the bag. Laser perforation smoothens the filling process and is a rare feature that is not often seen in the industry.

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