Types of Cutting


Here at Knack Packaging, We offer three different types of cutting methods, which will ensure the safety of your products. With 16 automatic cutting machines we can process 1 Million bags per day. The three cutting techniques are different from one another yet significant as per various specific requirements. Let us have a look at all of them:

Blade Cutting
Blade Cutting is a widely used method in the packaging industry. It is very familiar with BOPP bags and PP coated bags. Essentially what it does is to cut the whole bag in a predefined shape with a sharp blade. The entire process is done in an automated machine, which gives a very sharp cut to the bags and that too, without any fraying. Thus the end product with blade cutting looks very premium.

Heat Straight Cutting
Heat cutting is a very specialized method of cutting for uncoated bags. The heat melts down all the tapes that come out at the time of cutting; thus it avoids any fraying. Heat cutting will provide a neat & clean look to your bags.

Heat Zig-Zag Cutting
Zig-zag cutting is part of the heat cutting method. It gives you a zig-zag type of shape on top of the bag. Due to the heat cutting in zig-zag form, it avoids any fraying. This is a beneficial method in uncoated woven bags.

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