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Knack Family

With years of experience in the business, we provide proper customized solutions as per our client’s requirements. Our team of 900+ members helps us in all of our endeavours. Our global offices are present all around the world to ensure end-to-end service to our customers. We have the high caliber and skilled industry experts who are both hardworking and up-to-date with market trends. We split our employees under various divisions as per their qualification and experience. All the divisions work in close coordination with each other to achieve the desired goals and to ensure smooth and fast functioning. Moreover, we also conduct time to time training sessions to improve their skills.

Knack firmly believes in developing with our each and every employee, and hence we treat them like family. We ensure that every single team member stays up to date with current market trends and updates. Therefore, to do that, we set up various seminars and workshops in our premises. To sharpen their skill set, we conduct time to time training sessions that improve their productivity and make them more competitive. We do not have a typical company culture you usually find in the market, because we are Knack Packaging and we believe in trust, integrity and quality.

From Director's Desk!

Leaders of Packaging Business

We believe that as established leaders in the packaging business, our foremost task is to act as the flag-bearers of Innovations in packaging; concept selling processes for the future of product consumption. In recent times, after attaining market prominence in the Indian region, we are confident of achieving similar results on the global front with our latest offering of the “Pinch-bottom” bags. The state-of-the-art manufacturing unit of the product has been assembled with extremely careful execution in compliance with global standards. With our latest partnerships around the globe, we are confident of creating a huge impact on the global markets with our products and innovations.
We are extremely proud of building a solid human infrastructure at Knack, where each of our team members is more than family, being pillars of growth and we are thankful for their continued efforts in realising this shared dream.

Meet Our Team

Board Of Directors

At Knack, we have been driven over the years with guiding principles instilling the very essence of our organisation.
We take immense pride in being a family-run business and we have nurtured Knack as a close-knit family extending the values of togetherness,
culture and integrity throughout all the facets of the company’s very existence.


Mr. Ambalal Patel

Group Chairman

With more than 39+ years of experience of the industry, he has been the guiding force behind Knack Packaging. After completing his Master's degree from Gujarat University in 1975 he ventures into the mining business. Then in 1990 went on to establish a hold in construction. Where under his guidance company provided construction administration and design-build services. He is considered as one of the strong pillars of Knack's Family.


Mr. Tulsibhai Patel

Director – Mining & Packaging

He played the role of catalyst in the success story of Knack, soon after completing his masters in commerce from S.V Commerce College in 1981 with Ambalal bhai he started with the mining business. In 1990 they expanded on to construction business; there also his commitment and leadership proved to be the key to achieving success. 1994 has been the year when they ventured into the packaging business, and rest is history. With more than 39 years of experience, he is the ultimate guiding force behind Knack.


Mr. Pravin Patel

Director - Finance

He has more than 32 years of industry experience and a proven track record of success to manage and direct all company finances. He completed his bachelor's & master's degree both from H. A Commerce College in 1986 & 1988 respectively. With his extensive experience in the financial sector and a robust economic vision and insight to match, he is the key when it comes to the strategic planning of Knack's prospects.


Mr. Kamlesh Patel

Director - Construction Business

He has more than 27 years of industry experience. He posses some high order skills like workforce management, planning, and efficient decision making are few of them. He has completed his Civil Engineering degree from Gujarat University in 1994. Soon after joining the construction business, his vision and dedication fueled it to new heights. At present, he is the director & managing the construction wing of the group.


Mr. Alpesh Patel

Director - Marketing

With the colossal experience of 27 years of marketing, he has been the visionary behind Knack’s growth. Completed his Bachelor’s degree from L. J Commerce College in 1997 and did PGDM course from Nirma University in 2005. He never settles for less than 100% and possesses excellent leadership skills. He is the Chairman of Indian Institute of Packaging – Gujarat, President of Poly Woven Association – Gujarat, Committee member of AIFTMA, Member of All India BOPP Bag Manufacturers Association, Member’s representative at Gujarat Chamber of Commerce & Industry.


Mr. Rashmin Patel

Director - Production

He has more than 20 years of industry experience. He is an active contributor to knack's growth. He completed his Mechanical Engineer from Gujarat University in 2002. Did get certified from CNC Technology (Turning & Milling) from Indo German Tool Room, Ahmedabad in 2001. With his vast technical knowledge, he has been guiding knack to become more efficient and reliant.


Mr. Jay Patel

Assistant Director - Production

He has more than six years of experience. His curiosity and perseverance helped Knack to be at the epitome of industry. He completed his MBA from Nirma University in 2015. He has a futuristic vision for Knack and believes in making Knack a global conglomerate.

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