HDPE/PP Woven Fabrics (Coated/Uncoated)


The word Fabric is not just another word but rather a fascinating story woven into our lives. It is widely believed that the earliest form of fabric came from animal skins used for both bedding and clothing. For a very long time, before the introduction of synthetic fibres, there were few other dominating fibres in the industry: cotton, wool, silk etc. Later, synthetic fabric quickly took over the market for its various properties and needless to mention, woven fabrics today have a special place in the industry.


  • Wear and tear resistant
  • Excellent weaving quality
  • Better flexibility
  • Minimum size variation


  • Non-toxic/Non-staining
  • 100% reusable and durable
  • Light in weight with the lowest density
  • Breathable or waterproof with a laminated film
  • Excellent resistance to stress and high resistant to cracking

Importance Of woven packaging

Fabric in woven packaging is as important as bricks and cement in the construction of buildings. Without fabric, woven packaging would be the next impossible thing on earth unless we get some other viable alternative. There are many important things that matter in the production of Fabric. Our years of experience help us manufacture the best quality fabric with the help of various techniques such as customized recipes, unique product codes and so on. Apart from that the denier, color, thickness, and the mesh are very much important in it.

Manufacturing Process

In the manufacturing process, our looms play an important part. A tubular or flat fabric is made by weaving the PP/HDPE tapes. During the process, the tension of warped tapes is regulated by the load cell. There is an in-feed system which controls the speed of the inlet rollers during weaving as per set tension. Also, the fabric roll winder equipped with a load cell ensures that the winding tension of fabric remains uniform throughout the process. This is how we get our final product which is PP Woven Fabric.

Material Combination

The real material used to make the fabric is PP/HDPE granules. With granules, the tapes are made and these tapes after getting weaved forms the fabric. The advance machinery in our plant ensures that our customers get the top quality fabric in their bags. Since all this process is based on the calculations and material ratio, we make sure that no quality issues arise during the process.

Latest Trends

Today we have all sorts of fabric made from different materials, but there is something unique about the PP (Polypropylene) and HDPE (High-density Polyethylene). Started from the United Kingdom in the 30s, PP and HDPE just skyrocketed in popularity and currently, it is the most versatile material used in literally everything. Manufactured by sticking together ethylene molecules (now you know why it is called ‘ethylene’), PP and HDPE are very popular for its vivid applications. Being one of the most flexible, it is lightweight yet super durable. In addition to features like impact resistance, durability, malleability, it is a recyclable fabric material as well. Even this recycled material possesses the same features and uniqueness that a new PP or HDPE fabric has.

We offer two types of woven Fabrics:

1. Circular Woven Fabric

Circular woven fabric comes in tube form and is used for making PP woven bags and BOPP woven bags in circular form.

  • Width285 mm – 780 mm*
  • Mesh5 X 5 – 14 X 14
  • No. of tape576 – 1040
  • Denier550 – 2000
  • GSM48 – 175
  • Fabric ColourAs Per Customer
  • Weaving TypeStandard, Crushed
  • StrengthAs per requirement
  • ElongationAs per requirement

2. Flat Woven Fabric

Flat-woven fabric comes in flat form like a sheet and is used to make BOPP woven bags with back seam construction. It is also used to make PP woven jumbo bags.

  • Width570 mm – 1300 mm
  • Mesh5 X 5 – 12 X 12
  • No. of tape576 – 1040
  • Denier550 – 2000
  • GSM48 – 175
  • Fabric ColourAs Per Customer
  • Weaving TypeStandard, Crushed
  • StrengthAs per requirement
  • ElongationAs per requirement
  • Side Sealing Ultrasonic

Knack's Speciality

We have always believed in delivering excellence, and that’s what we apply in every aspect of our work. So, when it comes to the manufacturing of fabric, we apply the same rule. We have specialized expertise in making fabric. Every fabric has a standard product code and a standard recipe, which is made by Department Heads. This is how we are able to deliver consistent quality products to our customers. The advanced technology used in our plant ensures the manufacturing of high-quality material even with lower denier. We have mastered the art of fabric making with the help of our high-tech machinery

Production Capacity

With the help of our latest in-line machinery, Knack Packaging can produce as high as almost 950 MT of woven fabrics every month. In addition to this, it can be customized as per the requirement.

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With the help of our state-of-the-art technology, we create both types of fabric bags as per the requirements. Also, we are well equipped to meet your various quality and quantity demands. At Knack Packaging, it’s all about giving the clients the best quality products.

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